Reel Rotator Handling Equipment

Reel Rotator with straddle legs – handling of heavy reels from all pallet types

When heavy reels, e.g. placed on closed pallets, are to be transported, lifted and rotated, the Reel Rotator with straddle legs is the perfect choice!
It can grip and place reels, which are located on all types of pallets. It is compact, very manoeuvrable and ensures the user ergonomically correct working conditions.

The reels are fixed with gripping arms, having rubber-covered gripping pads to achieve the largest friction and to ensure a gentle grip. The Reel Rotator manages soft as well as smooth and hard reels.

High focus on safety! None of the models can open the gripping arms by mistake, and the reels can only be released, when placed on floor or pallet. On models with electric rotation, it is only possible to rotate at lifting heights above 750 mm, so that the gripping arms cannot touch floor or legs.

The Reel Rotator with straddle legs is available in four unique models,
with manual or electric rotation, reel fastening/releasing and lifting

Logitrans REEL ROTATOR – With Straddle Legs
Logitrans REEL ROTATOR – With Straddle Legs

Logitrans REEL ROTATOR – With Straddle Legs

    Technical Specification

    Available in four models and can handle

  • Vertical reels placed on the floor or pallet (UK, Euro and All Other
  • Pallet types)
  • Horizontal and vertical reels that are clear off the floor
  • On trucks with manual rotation, the tilt degree can be set for every 90 degrees (with a locking system). Trucks with electric rotation have a programmable tilt degree.
  • All models can handle 500 kg Reels.
  • Can be adjusted for two-points or three-points of clamping
  • We also offer custom solutions – please ask for details
Opening the gripping arms by
mistake is not possible. Clear indication whether the clamping force is sufficient for lifting/rotating
  All models are available without straddle legs.   The electric trucks have a remote control for reel clamping and releasing.   High quality clamping arms with rubber pads allow for safe lifting and give protection to goods.