Warehouse & Transport Handling Equipment

Twin Stacker - transporting and lifting two pallets at the same time

Use the space better and save money! The Twin Stacker can transport and stack two pallets at the same time and can operate in very confined areas, e.g. in lorries and shopping and storage areas. The Twin Stacker has small dimensions, very low own weight and is very manoeuvrable!

A unique patented system ”locks” mast and propulsion unit when lifting more than 900 mm. The stacker is fully stable and safe, also when lifting. The Twin Stacker is very manoeuvrable also on uneven floors.

Twin Stacker has an elegant design with rounded corners and makes no damage to surroundings, pallets and goods. The design puts focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. As an example the ergonomically correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold.

Warehouse Transport
  Logitrans Twin Stacker

Whether your warehouse is big or small, our pallet trucks, lifters and stackers can reduce or eliminate the requirement for traditional forklift trucks and their associated safety risks.

Our single pallet stackers and double pallet stackers will smoothly transport your product from racking to delivery vehicle and vice versa. Our range of compact powered electric pallet trucks are particularly useful for moving goods around confined warehouses.

If your pallets are not the standard Euro pallet or UK Chep pallet size, then we can help. Our equipment range can be modified to handle many different sizes of pallet. In addition, we supply equipment for lifting and handling non palletised goods such as crates, tools, reels and machinery.