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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Howard Handling supplies high quality handling equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, in addition to after-sales support & maintenance services. We work with suppliers who have consistently demonstrated to us the quality and reliability of their products and services over many years. Consequently our suppliers are longstanding and trusted partners.

Customers who purchase handling equipment from us, can naturally expect it to comply with all relevant UK and EU safety, quality and environmental directives.

Before you purchase your equipment, we recommend that you tell us about your application, as we want to ensure the equipment you choose is right for your needs. If in doubt, we will be happy to visit, to carry out a site survey and to spec your application for you.

Once you receive your equipment, we recommend an Operator Familiarisation session, where your operators can ask questions, practice using the equipment in a safe environment and thoroughly understand the operating instructions. Whether you have purchased your handling equipment from us or elsewhere, we advise you to back up your equipment with a regular service & maintenance schedule. A Preventative Maintenance Plan will ensure its ongoing safety and prevent unnecessary, expensive and potentially hazardous breakdowns.

Customers who purchase service and maintenance services from us can expect high quality parts and workmanship, attention to detail and courteous, well trained staff. Please see our service & support pages for further information.