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Logitrans Electric Crate Tilter

Logitrans electric tilts are used here on a packing line to lift crates of apples to working height, to assist packing operatives. Tilts & tippers prevent back injuries caused by frequent bending. Logitrans electric tilts are also available in stainless steel.

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Logitrans Multi Drum Turner

A Logitrans Multi Drum Turner is used to lift drums and decant the contents into a hopper. Available with powered lift & turn and a choice of manual or electric drive. It can handle almost any drum type: steel & plastic, large & small, round & rectangular drums.

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Logitrans Crate Rotator

A Logitrans Rotator with side tilting forks, is used in a manufacturing application. The Rotator lifts and tilts crates of components to an ergonomically correct working position, allowing the operator to easily access to them. In this environment, the Rotator prevents operator strains and injuries associated with repeated bending and stretching. Rotators are also useful for emptying crates - the forks can rotate 180 degrees each way.

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Logitrans Reel Turner

A Logitrans Reel Rotator is used in a dairy to lift large reels from pallets, transport and load them into packing machinery. The Rotator clamps the reel from the outside, leaving the reel core free to to be inserted onto the machine spindle. The Reel Rotator can turn reels from a horizontal to a vertical position, and vice versa. Many different reel sizes up to 500kg can be handled. Where space is very limited, the Reel Rotator can be used in conjunction with the Logitrans Reel Lifter. Designed to pick up a vertical reel from the Rotator, it transports and lifts it into production & packing machinery. With an over-all width of only 720mm, the Reel Lifter is small enough to go through a doorway or into a lift.

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MCP Lifter

An electric pallet truck is modified with extra wide and extra narrow forks, to lift and transport manifolded cylinder pallets within a hospital estate. The MCP lifter is useful in confined spaces and areas where gas cylinder pallets cannot be moved with a forklift truck. A manual ATEX explosion proof version is available for hazardous areas.

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Logitrans SELF Maxi Powered Stacker

Logitrans SELF Maxi electric stacker trucks are used by a kitchen manufacturer. The stacker has an extra wide fork span to lift large pallets to a correct working height for packing. The stacker has powered drive, so pallets are transported to and from the warehouse with the same machine.

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Case Studies

Logitrans Rotator

A Rotator in a pharmaceutical application, lifts and empties crates of product. Rotators are useful for turning pallets, boxes, crates and dolavs. The forks can rotate up 180 degrees each way.

Casket & Coffin Handler

A powered coffin handler transports, lifts, lowers and rotates, for precise and gentle movement of coffins and caskets.

Hospital Bed Tilter

This electric Tilt is modified and used to lift & turn hospital beds during maintenance and cleaning.

Reel Lifter

A straddle stacker truck is fitted with a boom spear and used in an engineering application to transport and lift reels.

Logitrans Eurobin Lifter

A stainless steel electric pallet stacker is modified to lift and transport 200 litre Eurobin tote bins. Both plastic and stainless steel tote bins can be handled.

Electric Tilt Truck

Electric tilt trucks are used to elevate crates of components to a correct working height for the operator. The tilt can be adjusted for both sitting and standing work positions.

ES15 Powered Stacker Truck

A powered stacker truck is used in a tile showroom. This model can unload pallets up to 1500kg, but is small enough to fit through doorways and move along narrow aisles.

Logitrans Logiflex, Reel & Drum Forks

A straddle stacker truck is fitted with reel & drum forks and used in a printing applications. It transports and lifts reels, which are then loaded into printing machinery.

E-Truck Terrain Electric Pallet Truck

The E-Truck Terrain can transport pallets on uneven surfaces and inclines, where a standard electric pallet truck would ground out and get stuck.

Logitrans SELFS Maxi Straddle Stacker

SELFS Maxi lifts and transports crates of heavy components. The straddle support legs allow it to handle many different crate & pallet sizes, including full perimeter base pallets, with bottom runners.

Logitrans Panther Silent

A Panther Silent hand pallet truck is used in a supermarket. Low noise pallet trucks are perfect for shops & showrooms and for early morning deliveries in transport applications.

ATEX Explosion Proof IBC Lifter

An explosion proof stacker, designed to lift and transport IBC containers in a hazardous area. A range of ATEX pallet trucks and lifters are available, for use in explosive atmospheres in pharma & chemical industries.

Logitrans LFS Mini With Platform

A Logitrans LFS Mini straddle pallet stacker fitted with a platform table, is used to lift Chep style pallets to a correct working height.

Stainless Steel Electric Pallet Truck

Stainless steel electric pallet trucks are perfect for food & pharma applications with high hygiene demands. Acid and rust resistant stainless chassis. Smooth electro-polish finish reduces hiding places for bacteria.

Electric Stacker Truck, 2000mm Forks

And electric pallet stacker is built with a 2000mm fork length and used in a concert hall, to lift and transport equipment.