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We supply high quality tilters, rotators, turners and tippers to lift and turn crates, stillages, dolavs and box pallets. Stainless steel crate tilts and rotators are available for food and pharmaceutical industries. Our range can be customised with special fork widths and fork lengths, for handling non standard crate sizes, pharmaceutical IBCs, food industry Eurobins & tote bins. They can also be modified with bespoke fittings and attachments, to lift and turn non-palletised goods. Reel & drum turners are also available.

Tilt crates or boxes and reach the contents without stretching and straining. Rotators can tip boxes and crates upside down, reducing production times and increasing operator safety. Crate turners and rotators give the operator easy access to the items at the bottom of the box. They reduce strain on the back, shoulders and joints and prevent the need for sideways bending and stretching.