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Case Studies

Panther Maxi With Fork Channel

A Panther Maxi electric pallet truck is built with a fork channel bracket. This allows the pallet truck to be easily lifted on and off a lorry, using a forklift truck. Loading pallet trucks onto delivery vehicles without a tail lift or a loading dock, is a problem that can be solved by this bespoke modification.

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E-Truck Terrain Electric Pallet Truck

An E-Truck Terrain powered pallet truck is used in a car dealership parts department. The parts dept is located on a narrow street, with limited access for delivery vehicles, who unload some distance from the entrance. The road surface is uneven and in poor condition. Before purchasing their Terrain, employees used a hand pallet truck to pick up the pallets, pull them across the street and up an incline to the entrance. Now the Terrain does the hard work! With an inch of extra raised fork height, the Terrain is able to handle uneven surfaces and gradients, where a standard electric pallet truck would ground out and get stuck.

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Stainless Steel Electric Pallet Truck

This stainless steel powered electric pallet truck from Danish manufacturer Logitrans, is designed for food and pharma applications with high hygiene demands. The forks and chassis are manufactured from acid resistant AISI316 stainless steel - no rust if the forks are scratched. The unit has an electro-polish finish, to reduce hiding places for bacteria.

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MCP Lifter

An electric pallet truck is modified with extra wide and extra narrow forks, to lift and transport manifolded cylinder pallets within a hospital estate. The MCP lifter is useful in confined spaces and areas where gas cylinder pallets cannot be moved with a forklift truck. A manual ATEX explosion proof version is available for hazardous areas.

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Logitrans Panther Maxi Moves Stillages

A Logitrans Panther Maxi electric pallet truck, is used to lift and transport stillages in a warehouse. Available with shorter than standard fork lengths of 800mm & 900mm, and longer than standard fork lengths of 1500mm and 2000mm, the Maxi can handle crates, stillages, dolavs and non standard pallet sizes.

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Mini Mover Electric Pallet Truck

A Mini Mover electric pallet truck is used to transport heavy beverage and keg pallets around a large stadium. The Mini Mover has a large 1800kg capacity and can cope with ramps, slopes and uneven floors. But it is also small and light enough to be used in lifts and in other confined spaces.

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Loc E20 Electric Pallet Truck with Weigh Scale

Loc E Series electric pallet trucks are fitted with high accuracy Ravas weighing scales, to weigh and transport palletised loads. Weigh scale pallet trucks are particularly useful in Goods In areas, to check weigh goods on arrival. This Loc E20 model has a lift and weigh capacity of 2000kg. Other load capacities and different fork sizes are available.

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Electric Pallet Trucks, Semi & Fully Powered: for Sale & Contract Hire. When replacing a hand pallet truck with a powered pallet truck, consider your application. The Transporter is light enough to be used on a lorry tail lift and is no bigger than a manual truck. For heavier applications, the E-Truck Li-ion requires no operator effort and get more work done. For bigger weights, ramps & slopes, the Mini Mover Li-ion & E-Truck Terrain have powerful 48V motors. Used electric pallet trucks also available.

If you are looking to upgrade your manual hand pallet truck to a fully electric model, to reduce operator strain and improve efficiency, our range of electric pallet trucks offers a great choice.