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Application Case Studies

Dolav Turner in Food Production

The Logitrans Rotator is used in many Food Production sites for safer handling of goods for operators. Rotators can be used for Pallets, Boxes, Crates and Dolavs. The Rotator has small dimensions (perfect for confined spaces) and a capacity of 1000 kg.

Logitrans Electric Crate Tilter

Logitrans electric tilts are used here on a packing line to lift crates of apples to working height, to assist packing operatives. Tilts & tippers prevent back injuries caused by frequent bending. Logitrans electric tilts are also available in stainless steel.

Logitrans HS Inox ATEX Stacker Truck

A Logitrans HS Inox explosion proof manual stacker truck is used here in a pharma production application to lift and transport trays. The fork width is adjustable, so different tray sizes can be handled.

EHL Inox 2000mm Forks

A stainless steel electric high lifter is used in a timber merchants to lift pallets of wood. This particular scissor lifter has an extra long fork length of 2000mm

Drum Turner in Engineering Application

An electric drum turner with straddle support legs is used in an engineering environment to lift and tip drum contents into containers. This particular turner is able to lift many different drum types and sizes and is available in both manual and powered versions.

Casket & Coffin Handler

A Logitrans powered coffin handler is fitted with powered rollers and has 360 degree rotation, for precise and gentle movement of coffins and caskets. The coffin handler lifts, turns and transports coffins up to a maximum weight of 300kg (47 stones). This handler has fully powered lift, lower, slide and propulsion: preventing worker back and strain injuries at mortuaries, crematoriums and funeral directors.

Hospital Bed Tilter

A Logitrans Tilt is here used to lift and tilt hospital beds for maintenance purposes. This particular Tilt truck has electric lift and tip, to reduce operator effort and prevent back, shoulder and muscle strains.

Reel Lifter

A Logitrans LFS Mini straddle stacker truck is fitted with a customised boom spear and used in an engineering application to lift and transport reels.

Scissor Lifter, Short Fork Length

A scissor lift pallet truck is built with an extra short fork length and used in a manufacturing application to lift small pallets when loading and unloading. This particular high lifter is available with fork lengths from 700mm to 2000mm

Logitrans Multi Drum Turner

A Logitrans Multi Drum Turner is used to lift drums and decant the contents into a hopper. Available with powered lift & turn and a choice of manual or electric drive. It can handle almost any drum type: steel & plastic, large & small, round & rectangular drums.

Logitrans Crate Rotator

A Logitrans Rotator with side tilting forks, is used in a manufacturing application. The Rotator lifts and tilts crates of components to an ergonomically correct working position, allowing the operator to easily access to them. In this environment, the Rotator prevents operator strains and injuries associated with repeated bending and stretching. Rotators are also useful for emptying crates - the forks can rotate 180 degrees each way.

Logitrans Eurobin Lifter

A Logitrans EHSRF stainless steel electric pallet stacker is modified with bespoke V-march arms for lifting and moving 200 litre Eurobin Tote Bins. Both plastic and stainless steel tote bins can be handled. Logitrans stainless stackers are available in both manual and electric versions and are ideal for food production environments. All surfaces in contact with goods are made from highest grade 316 stainless steel.

Logitrans EHL1004 Electric Highlifter

A Logitrans electric scissor lift pallet truck is used in an engineering application. The High Lifter lifts crates of components to an ergonomically correct working height, allowing the operator to inspect and pack them once they are machined. In this environment, the Highlifter prevents operator strains and injuries associated with repeated bending and stretching. The Logitrans model is available with optional level control, which automatically adjusts the pallet or crate to optimum working height, as it is loaded or unloaded.

Cable Reel Turner

Reels of cable are here lifted off a pallet using a Logitrans Reel Rotator. The Rotator can of palletise and de-palletise reels. It can turn them from horizontal to vertical positions (and vice versa), when loading or unloading from production machinery.

Logitrans Panther Inox Plus

A stainless steel Panther Inox Plus hand pallet truck is here used on an offshore platform. Suitable for corrosive environments, an ATEX explosion proof version is available for gas and oil industry applications.

Twin Stacker Truck with Initial Lift

This powered electric pallet stacker has higher ground clearance and initial lift forks. It is here used in a construction industry application, where there are ramps and uneven floors. The higher ground clearance allows the stacker to be driven over uneven floors, where a standard pallet stacker would ground out and become stuck.

Scissor Lift Pallet Truck in Food Industry

This electric High Lifter is used in a food producer's packing area. The Highlifter lifts EUR pallets, allowing the operator to pack the goods at an ergonomically correct working height. It reduces operator bending and stretching and thus the risk of back injuries.

Logitrans Reel Turner

A Logitrans Reel Rotator is used in a dairy to lift large reels from pallets, transport and load them into packing machinery. The Rotator clamps the reel from the outside, leaving the reel core free to to be inserted onto the machine spindle. The Reel Rotator can turn reels from a horizontal to a vertical position, and vice versa. Many different reel sizes up to 500kg can be handled. Where space is very limited, the Reel Rotator can be used in conjunction with the Logitrans Reel Lifter. Designed to pick up a vertical reel from the Rotator, it transports and lifts it into production & packing machinery. With an over-all width of only 720mm, the Reel Lifter is small enough to go through a doorway or into a lift.

Logitrans Panther Silent

A Panther Silent low noise hand pallet truck is used in a supermarket. Specially designed for customer areas such as shops and showrooms, it has non-marking wheels that are gentle on expensive floor coverings. The soft compound wheels are virtually noiseless, which also makes the Panther Silent ideal for early morning deliveries in transport & distribution industries.

Logitrans SELFS Straddle Stacker Truck

A Logitrans SELFS pallet stacker is used here in an engineering application, to transport and lift crates of heavy components. It has straddle support legs, allowing many different crate and pallet sizes to be handled, including pallets with bottom runners (full perimeter base).

ATEX Explosion Proof IBC Lifter

An explosion proof stacker truck is built with straddle support legs, to lift and transport IBC containers in a hazardous area. Logitrans manufactures a range of ATEX pallet trucks & lifters, for use in explosive atmospheres, in pharma & chemical industries.

Electric Scissor Lift in Textiles Industry

A Logitrans EHL1004 is used in a textiles industry application to lift pallets to a correct working height when packing & unpacking. Scissor lifts prevent back and shoulder injuries caused by repetitive bending and stretching.

Personalised Hand Pallet Truck

A Logitrans Panther hand pallet truck has the customer name and logo cut into the truck's fork frame. Equipment losses can be a particular problem in transport and other applications, where pallet trucks move around frequently. Personalising trucks with a company name and logo can help to reduce loss and theft of expensive pallet truck equipment.

Logitrans LFS Mini With Platform

A Logitrans LFS Mini straddle pallet stacker fitted with a platform table, is used to lift Chep style pallets to a correct working height. The LFS Mini assists operatives packing pallets in a food production environment, and prevents back and shoulder injuries associated with repeat bending and stretching. This particular packing area was confined with limited room for pallet lifters. Pallets were closed (with bottom runners) and therefore a straddle lifter was needed to lift them - although a straddle stacker was initially ruled out, as they were thought too big for the work area. Logitrans were able to modify their LFS Mini so it was just wide enough for the pallet. This allowed the Mini to fit within confines of the customer's packing line. A stainless steel version is also available for food production high care areas.

Stainless Steel Electric Pallet Truck

This stainless steel powered electric pallet truck from Danish manufacturer Logitrans, is designed for food and pharma applications with high hygiene demands. The forks and chassis are manufactured from acid resistant AISI316 stainless steel - no rust if the forks are scratched. The unit has an electro-polish finish, to reduce hiding places for bacteria.

Pallet Trucks for Marquee Blocks

500kg marquee weights are here handled with a bespoke pallet truck, with extra wide and extra short forks. The fork length is small enough to allow the blocks to be stacked against each other in storage areas. The truck is also fitted with tandem fork rollers, for better handling on uneven outdoor surfaces. As an option, the pallet truck can be fitted with a brake. These hand pallet trucks can be built to handle almost any size of marquee block: please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Ceramic Pot Handler

A Logitrans Reel Rotator is modified for use in a large garden centre, to lift and turn heavy ceramic pots. The Rotator is used to lift the pots from pallets and transport them to the display area. The Handler has 180 degree rotation each way, enabling the pots to be tilted and turned, when filling and emptying them.

Stillage Turner

A Logitrans Rotator is used to lift heavy stillages and tip the components into a hopper. This particular model has fully powered lift, rotate and drive. Stillages can be transported to and from the hopper, with no effort on the part of the operator.

Reel Spear with Side Shift

When two or more reels are packed side by side on pallets, this reel spear with side shift allows you to easily move the boom spear in order to line it up with the reel core. The reel lifter has electric lift/lower and a lift height of 1600mm. Other options are available.

Panther Silent Hand Pallet Truck

A Panther Silent hand pallet truck is used at an open air market, to move heavy items to and from a display stand. The Panther Silent has specially designed low friction wheels and can be used on uneven, gravel and stony surfaces. Unlike a standard pallet truck (which is difficult to pull and can ground out and get stuck), the Panther Silent can be moved on rough ground with relative ease.

MCP Lifter

An electric pallet truck is modified with extra wide and extra narrow forks, to lift and transport manifolded cylinder pallets within a hospital estate. The MCP lifter is useful in confined spaces and areas where gas cylinder pallets cannot be moved with a forklift truck. A manual ATEX explosion proof version is available for hazardous areas.

Lifting & Turning Storage Containers

A Multi Drum Turner is modified to handle bulky storage containers. The grippers are easily adjusted to accommodate both round and square containers and can handle a maximum load weight of 350kg. With powered lift, rotate and drive, storage containers, cylinders and bins can be transported, lifted and emptied with minimal effort. A stainless steel turner is also available.

Emptying Containers & Crates

A Logitrans Rotator is fitted with a chute and used to lift, turn and empty crates of components. Useful for emptying and directing small, lightweight goods into a hopper or other vessel, chutes can be built for different sizes of box, crate and container.

SELF Mini Electric Stacker Truck in Engineering Workshop

A Logitrans SELF Mini electric stacker truck in an engineering workshop. The Mini has small dimensions, allowing it to fit into confined areas. It can be used as a work positioner, lifter and transporter. This particular SELF Mini has a lift height of 1600mm and a load capacity of 1000kg.