Loading Reels Onto Production Machinery
April 2019

The problem of lifting heavy reels packed horizontally on pallets and turning them vertically, to load onto production machinery is solved!  Thanks to some clever thinking from Danish manufacturer Logitrans.

The Logitrans Reel Rotator clamps the reel from the outside, using grippers which are specially designed to hold heavy reels securely, but gently in order to prevent damage to the product.

The Reel Rotator lifts and turns the reel into a vertical postion, the axle is inserted through the core and the reel is loaded into the machine.

Reels as heavy as 500kg can be handled.

Where space is an issue, the Reel Rotator can be used in conjuction with the Logitrans Reel Lifter.  The Reel Lifter picks up the reel from the Rotator and transports it to production machinery.  With an over-all width of only 720mm, the Reel Lifter is small enough to go through a doorway or into a lift.  It is perfect for use in confined areas.

More information is available here.