Logitrans celebrates 75 years
May 2015

Celebration of 75 years anniversary


75 years of innovation and tradition - Logitrans A/S celebrates 75 years anniversary on 1 May 2015…

Logitrans was founded in a little smithy in 1940 and until 2002 the company was called Nisap Maskinfabrik. The beginning during the war was tough and for the founders, Ingrid and Nis A. Pedersen, the war came close – both in the smithy and in the residence buildings.

However, the general attitude to life both in the smithy and in the residence buildings was from the beginning positive and characterised by a unique pioneering spirit. In her memories Ingrid describes the first years like this: "We had good neighbours, and when the streets started smelling of burned rye, we knew that we would soon gather for a cup of substitute coffee and barley meal bread. We learned to appreciate the good people, living around us, in a time when the world was out of order.”

Nis was creative and solution oriented and had a special interest in hydraulics and mechanics. He worked persistently with all requests and inquiries from the fishing industry and agriculture. From 1970, he started using his interest in hydraulic solutions to develop and manufacture material handling equipment, e.g. pallet trucks, highlifters and stackers.

From a young age Erling Pedersen, son of Nis and Ingrid Pedersen, helped everywhere in the company and it was soon evident that he was to take over the company. Since 1975 he has been the CEO. He has continued working in the spirit of his father: Developing and designing unique products solving handling requirements of the customers. Focus is always on ergonomics, well-being and optimum working conditions of the users, when developing products and this continually contributes to increase efficiency and work satisfaction in the companies. 

Through all these years, the company has been developing rapidly. Steadily, the share of exports has grown, and today more than 90% of the production is exported to more than 55 countries worldwide.

In celebration of the anniversary, Logitrans has made an exhibition in the factory, showing many of the unique products,  developed and manufactured over the last 75 years.