Logitrans SELFS Maxi

Powered Straddle Pallet Stacker

  • All-electric straddle stacker truck from Danish manufacturer Logitrans
  • Handles many pallets including Euro, Chep, low profile & special sizes
  • Adjustable leg width: available in S, M, L & XL (850mm - 1422mm)
  • Load capacities 1 tonne or 1.2 tonne
  • Large drive motor for frequent use handling applications
  • Strong construction for long service life & low maintenance costs
  • Very high quality with 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Fork Size
Lift Height
Straddle Width
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Adj x 1067 / 1150 890 Adjustable 1000kg 3-5 Weeks £ 10,174
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Adj x 600 / 800 / 1520 890 Adjustable 1000kg 3-5 Weeks £ 10,806
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Adj x 1067 / 1150 1880 Adjustable 1000kg 3-5 Weeks £ 10,282
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Adj x 800 / 1520 1880 Adjustable 1000kg 3-5 Weeks £ 10,915
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Adj x 1067 / 1150 3270 Adjustable 1000kg 3-5 Weeks £ 10,845
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Adj x 1067 / 1200 890 Adjustable 1200kg 3-5 Weeks £ 11,795
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Adj x 1067 / 1200 1570 Adjustable 1200kg 3-5 Weeks £ 11,903
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Adj x 1067 / 1200 0 Low Profile Forks 40mm 3-5 Weeks £ 890
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Product Description
Key Features

Logitrans SELFS Maxi 1002, Powered Straddle Stacker Truck, 1200kg & 1000kg

The Logitrans SELFS Maxi is Danish designed and built to excellent standards. The big brother of the SELFS Mini, the Maxi is designed for frequent use, heavy pallet handling applications and is available in capacities 1000kg and 1200kg. All Logitrans products are backed up with a manufacturer's 2 year parts warranty.

The Maxi has a strong construction and powerful drive motor, housed in a very user friendly design. With an adjustable fork span and straddle support legs, many different pallet types to be handled, including open EUR pallets, closed Chep pallets, low profile pallets and special sizes. Fully powered lift, lower and drive with a large motor, makes the Maxi an excellent choice for pallet handling applications in larger warehouses, production areas and stores. With its customisable features, it is also the perfect multi-tasker: this stacker truck can move a pallet, transport and turn a drum, and lift heavy tools & machinery via a platform table or crane arm. A stainless steel version is also available, for high care areas in food and pharmaceutical environments.

For lighter duty applications, please see Logitrans SELFS Mini.

Customise your SELFS Maxi: special fork sizes and fork types are available to lift non standard pallets, as well as box pallets, crates, stillages, dolavs and IBCs. The forks can be easily detached and replaced with other attachments (eg boom spear, crane arm, drum forks, drum turner, platform table) for multi-tasking. The stacker can be modified with bespoke features, to lift other non palletised goods such as Euro bins & tote bins. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Logitrans focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. The Maxi has a programmable speed controller that can be adjusted to the individual user. The transparent, impact resistant safety screen and duplex mast design gives the operator optimum view conditions. No damage to surroundings, pallets and goods – Maxi has an elegant design with rounded corners.


Key Features

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Logitrans SELFS Maxi 1002, Powered Straddle Stacker Truck, 1200kg & 1000kg

Technical Data
Logitrans SELFS Maxi 1002
Operator Type
Lift Type
Load Capacity
1000 / 1200
Lowered Height (Forks)
65 (Wrapover or Bar Forks) / 40 (Chisel Forks)
Lift Height
890 / 1170 / 1370 / 1570 / 1880 / 2020 / 2420 / 2820 / 3270
Fork Span
350-800 (Wrapover Forks), 230-680 (Chisel or Bar Forks)
Fork Length
600* *** / 800* / 1067 / 1150 / 1520**
Individual Fork Width
163 (Wrapover Forks) / 100 (Chisel or Bar Forks)
Load Centre
Fork Length / 2
Length without forks
Width between Straddle Legs
850-942 / 942-1124 / 1124-1306 / 1240-1422****
Fork Roller Material
Drive Wheel Material
Rubber / Vulkollan / Multigrip
Drive & Performance
Drive Motor Power (Kw)
Travel Speed, loaded/unloaded (Km/h)
5 / 6 (below 500mm), 3 /4 (over 500mm)
Battery Voltage/Capacity A/h
V / A/h
24 / 115
Battery Type
Maintenance Free
Charger Internal or External / Rating
Internal 24V 15A - 230V
Lift Motor Rating
Lift Speed with/without load
m/ s
0.07 / 0.12 (1000kg), 0.04 / 0.07 (1200kg)
Lowering Speed with/without load
m/ s
0.12 / 0.07

* Max lift height 1600mm for 600mm fork length, 2450mm for 800mm fork length

** Reduced capacity 750kg

*** For fork length 600mm, the legs are always 800mm

**** Not possible with fork length 1520mm, other fork lengths have reduced capacity of 800kg

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