Medical & Mortuary Handling Equipment



Hospital Bed Handler, Tilt

A Logitrans Tilt is here used to lift and tilt hospital beds for maintenance purposes.



Hospital Bed Handler, Vertical Lift

A Logitrans Twin Stacker is used in a hospital setting, to lift hospital beds when carrying out maintenance. The support legs act as a second set of initial lift forks, so the stacker can be manoeuvred over small ramps & bumps and on uneven floors. Small dimensions - the stacker is small enough to go through a standard doorway.

The Twin Stacker can multi-task as a powered pallet stacker and is useful for unloading lorries and other delivery vehicles, eliminating the need for a forklift truck.



Coffin & Casket Handler

A Logitrans SELF fully powered stacker is fitted with a swivel arm and rollers, for lifting and turning coffins & caskets.