Powered Pallet Trucks For Warehouses
September 2016

In small warehouses and confined loading areas, where operating a large fork lift truck would be unsafe, a walk behind powered pallet truck or pedestrianised pallet stacker is the perfect solution.


Whether your warehouse is big or small, our powered pallet trucks and powered pallet stackers can reduce or eliminate the requirement for traditional forklift trucks and their associated safety risks.

Our powered pallet trucks have small dimensions and a large turning angle; they are particularly useful for moving goods in narrow aisles and in confined warehouse spaces.  Our pallet stackers range includes initial lift stackers, for lifting and transporting 2 pallets at the same time.

We supply both semi and fully powered pallet trucks and stackers. Semi powered trucks are ideal for small, infrequent pallet handling applications.  Choose a fully powered version for busier applications and/or larger spaces.