The Swedish Postal Service use a Logitrans Rotator
April 2010

The Logitrans Rotator


The Swedish Postal Services, Posten AB, talk enthusiastically about the Logitrans Rotator - it is lifting their performance! 

The Logitrans Rotator ensures an optimum work flow at Posten AB and removes bottlenecks.

In cooperation with the Swedish Postal Services, Logitrans, Danish manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment, has developed a Rotator especially adapted to cages containing letters, small packages and bags. The cages are heavy and the Rotator lifts them up and empties them on to the sorting line.

The Rotator has remote control for the tilting function and the employee can be placed in an optimum working position.

Posten AB has been working with the internal value flow - with focus on efficient work flow and the performance of the employees in the individual postal offices. The employees are very enthusiastic about the mobile and flexible Rotator, replacing the present stationary emptying equipment. Furthermore the Rotator solution is much cheaper.

A very proud and satisfied Leif Svensson, Managing Director at Logitrans Sweden comments: "It has been a very exciting development, adapting our Rotator to the specific working situation at Posten AB. The Rotator solution has removed a bottleneck at their post offices and has significantly improved the efficiency". 

The Rotator controller ensures the user a precise and controlled rotation. At the same time it is easy to set the degree of tilt and the rotation speed. The controller has no relays and wearing parts, and the maintenance is therefore easy and economical. 

"Our Rotator has already become an indispensable partner in all companies, in which emptying and filling of boxes, or rotating different items, up to 1000 kg are needed! It puts focus on the working conditions of the user and on an optimum organisation of the working flow. In short - the Rotator can save many back problems - and increase the efficiency considerably".