Custom Bespoke Handling Equipment



Logitrans Flexline Stacker - Bin Tipper

A Logitrans stacker with drum turner attachment is modified with bespoke arms and clamps, to lift and tip wheelie bins.

This particular bin tipper has a lift capacity of 300kgs. The stacker is available in manual, electric and fully powered versions.



Logitrans Stacker - Airline Trolley Mover

A Logitrans SELFS1001 fully powered stacker is modified with bespoke arms for moving aircraft service trolleys in a distribution centre.

The stacker is available is manual, semi electric and fully powered versions.



Ticket Gate Lifter

A manual stacker is modified with customised arms and clamps, for lifting and moving railway station ticket gates. The lifter is used to install the gates. It is also used to move the ticket gates during maintenance inspections.



Logitrans Coffin & Casket Lifter

A Logitrans electric stacker is fitted with a customised arms and rollers, for lifting coffins & caskets. Semi-Powered and Fully Powered options available.



Logitrans - Medical & Mortuary Handlers (SELF)

A Logitrans SELF fully powered stacker is fitted with a swivel arm and rollers, for lifting and turning coffins & caskets. Precise and gentle lifting and handling of coffins in crematoriums, mortuaries and at manufacturers of coffins. Turns coffins horizontally and is very manoeuvrable.



Logitrans - High lift pallet truck for transport of reels

The Logitrans high lift pallet truck has platform and widened forks. The reels are transported on the platform and supported sideways by the forks, and can be rolled to e.g. pallets. (P07798-1)

Logitrans high lift pallet trucks can be modified to solve different requirements and have a capacity of 1500 kg. These are ideal for the printing and packaging industry.



Logitrans Logiflex - Fixed Drum Fork carriage

Logiflex with fixed drum forks carriage for the carrying of heavy reels with large diameters. (P03428-1)



Logiflex with sideways movable carriage

The Logiflex with sideways movable carriage with moveable slide. This helps when aligning the spool to be placed on spear when loading the machine.