Logitrans Logiflex, 1000kg

With Interchangeable Attachments

  • Stacker truck with easy change attachments, for multi-tasking
  • Transport a pallet, lift a reel, turn a drum, or move heavy equipment with one machine
  • Choice of stacker types: manual, semi electric or fully powered
  • Choice of attachments: forks, reel spear, platform table, crane arm, drum turner (* must be ordered with LFS, ELFS or SELFS)
  • Alternative lift heights and 1200kg capacity also available
  • Excellent Danish manufacturing with 2 year warranty.
Lift Height
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1620 LFS Mini (Manual) 3-5 Weeks £ 3,325
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1620 ELFS1001 (Semi Electric) 3-5 Weeks £ 5,145
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1620 SELFS Mini (Fully Powered) 3-5 Weeks £ 7,045
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0 Forks, Adjustable* 3-5 Weeks £ 400
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0 Drum Forks, 500kg* 3-5 Weeks £ 650
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0 Crane Arm, 500kg* 3-5 Weeks £ 955
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0 Boom Spear* 3-5 Weeks £ 955
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0 Platform* 3-5 Weeks £ 1,455
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0 Manual Drum Turner, 250kg* 3-5 Weeks £ 2,595
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Product Description
Key Features
Product Description
Key Features

Logitrans Logiflex Stacker Truck, Straddle Support Legs, 1000kg

For the ultimate flexible multi-tasker, look no further than the Logiflex from Danish manufacturer Logitrans. Available in manual, semi-electric and fully powered versions, with one truck you can lift a reel, transport a pallet, turn a drum and move a heavy machine.

High flexibility and efficiency - this stacker truck transports, lifts and handles many types of goods. With adjustable support legs, the Logiflex lifts almost any pallet type, including both open EURO pallets and closed Chep pallets (with or without bottom runners).

With a flexline carriage, the forks attachment can be easily removed and replaced with other attachments, so that reels, drums, equipment and machinery can also be handled. The Logiflex is perfect for manufacturing, production, warehousing and distribution enviroments, as well as shops and offices. Wherever different types of goods need to be lifted and moved, the Logiflex is the ideal solution.

A stainless steel version can be supplied for high care areas in food production, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Choose from the following stacker types:

LFS Mini : manual lift & lower, manual propulsion (for light duty and occasional use applications)

ELFS : electric lift & lower, manual propulsion. Optional 1200kg capacity also available

SELFS Mini : fully powered lift, lower and drive (for heavier duty and frequent use applications). Higher lift heights and 1200kg capacity also available (see Logitrans SELFS Maxi )

Choose from the following interchangeable attachments:

Jib Crane Arm : lift capacity 500kg. More info about the jib crane lifter here

Drum Forks : lift capacity 500kg

Platform Table : size 1092mm x 1220mm or 1092mm x 990mm. More info about the platform lifter here

Wrapover Forks : adjustable fork span from 350mm-800mm, fork length 1067mm or 1150mm, lowered height 65mm *

Reel Spear : choice of spear diameters, spear lengths and lift capacities. More info about the reel lifter here **

Manual Drum Turner : for steel drums (EN210) or plastic drums (EN12707), lift capacity 250kg ***

Electric Drum Turner : for steel drums (EN210) or plastic drums (EN12707), lift capacity 250kg *** ****

* optional fork lengths available from 600mm - 1520mm. Optional bar forks and chisel forks available, for handling low profile pallets and other non standard pallet types.

** alternative Reel Rotator available for reel turning

*** alternative Multi Drum Turner available for handling different drum types and drum sizes

**** only suitable for stackers with electric lift and without telescopic mast

Logiflex used stacker trucks also available.

Customise your Logiflex: alternative lift heights and lift capacities are available. Attachments can be customised with special measurements to suit your application. The Logiflex can be modified with bespoke features for special applications (eg to lift IBCs, Euro bins & tote bins). Please contact us to discuss your particular handling issue.

Logitrans put their focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. The Logiflex can be adjusted to the individual user, and a transparent, impact resistant safety screen gives the operator optimum view conditions. No damage to surroundings and reels: Logiflex has an elegant design with rounded corners.

Built to excellent European standards, all Logitrans equipment is backed up with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


Lift heights from 890mm to 3270mm

Flexline fork carriage: attachment (eg forks) can be easily removed and replaced with alternative attachment (eg crane arm) for multi-tasking

Adjustable straddle support legs for handling different sizes. Able to handle both open and closed pallets

Excellent European manufacturing with 2 year parts warranty

A wrapover version is available for handling open pallets, via sides where bottom runners are not present

Optional remote control handset available on electric versions

Optional level control for pallets: pallet height is automatically adjusted to best working height, as it is packed/unpacked

Optional 1200kg capacity available on electric versions

This model can be customised with bespoke attachment sizes and other features to suit your specific application

Key Features

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Logitrans Logiflex Stacker Truck, Straddle Support Legs, 1000kg

Technical Data
Logitrans Logiflex
Operator Type
Lift Type
Manual / Electric
Load Capacity
1000kg (Stacker), attachment may differ
Lowered Height (Forks)
65 (Wrapover) / 45 (Chisel)
Lift Height
1620 (Wrapover Forks), other attachments differ
Fork Span
350 - 800 (Wrapover Forks)
Fork Length
600, 810, 915, 970, 1066, 1140, 1220, 1520
Individual Fork Width
163 (Wrapover) / 100 (Chisel)
Overall Mast Height (Lowered / Lifted)
1350 / 2025 (Forks), other attachments differ
Width between Straddle Legs
Adjustable: 850-942 / 942-1124 / 1124-1306 / 1240-1422
Fork Roller Material
Nylon or Polyurethane (LFS Mini / ELFS), Vulkollan (SELFS)
Steering Wheel Material
Nylon or Polyurethane (LFS Mini / ELFS)
Drive Wheel Material
Vulkollan (SELFS)
Drive & Performance
Drive Motor Power (Kw)
0.7 (SELFS Mini)
Travel Speed, loaded/unloaded (Km/h)
5.2 / 5.5 (SELFS Mini)
Battery Voltage/Capacity A/h
V / A/h
12 / 119 (ELFS), 24 / 84 (SELFS)
Battery Type
12V Maintenance Free (ELFS) / 24V Maintenance Free (SELFS)
Charger Internal or External / Rating
Internal 12V - 230V (ELFS) / 24V 15A - 230V (SELFS)
Lift Motor Rating
1.1 (ELFS), 1.2 (SELFS)
Lift Speed with/without load
m/ s
0.05 / 0.07 (ELFS), 0.07 / 0.12 (SELFS)
Lowering Speed with/without load
m/ s
0.12 / 0.04 (ELFS), 0.12 / 0.07 (SELFS)
Platform Width
Platform Length
990 / 1220