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Logitrans Multi Drum Turner Inox, Stainless Steel, Electric Lift & Turn, 350kg

The ultimate stainless steel flexible drum handler. The Logitrans Multi Drum Turner Inox can handle large or small drums, steel or plastic drums, square or round drums - and lift and turn them from vertical or horizontal positions. With a high polish stainless steel pharma finish, there are few hiding places for bacteria. The Multi Drum Turner Inox is designed for high care pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics & chemical applications, where hygienic handling of goods is essential.

Drum rotation, opening & closing of the gripping arms, lift & lower and forward/reverse drive are fully powered - no operator effort is required. For lighter applications, a semi electric drum turner with manual propulsion, is also available. A multi drum turner with a standard painted finish is available for low care environments.

The Multi Drum Turner Inox is fitted with flexible specially designed grippers, that can be adjusted according to drum type and diameter. The grippers can be easily be adjusted to fit large or small drums. A touch screen LCD display is used to program the precise drum turning angle, speed and rotation. Several turning angles can be programmed. The stop position of the clamping arms can also be programmed: they can be adjusted to specific drum diameters, to prevent drum damage caused by under or over-clamping.

The Logitrans Multi Drum Turner Inox is available with wrapover or straddle support legs. The wrapover version is suitable for drums that are placed on open pallets (without bottom runners). A straddle drum turner is required when lifting/lowering drums onto closed pallets (with bottom runners), and for handling larger drums.

Customise your Multi Drum Turner Inox: for drum sizes outside of the normal range, the Multi Drum Turner can be supplied with custom bespoke gripping arms and other bespoke features such as short support legs with counterbalance weights. It can be modified to allow other items to be tilted and turned - eg bins. Please contact us to discuss your application.

From Danish manufacturer Logitrans, the Multi Drum Turner Inox is built to excellent standards and is backed up with a 2 year warranty.



Key Features

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