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Electric Pallet Trucks for Pallet networks, Tail Lift Assist, Transport & Distribution.

An electric pallet truck with powered lift and propulsion is used on the back of a lorry, for moving pallets on and off the vehicle tail lift. Fully powered pallet trucks provide a highly cost-effective alternative to a traditional hand pallet truck. It requires no operator effort and thus prevents operator strains and injuries when heavy loads are to be pushed up slopes and driveways. Our electric pallet trucks can easily handle loads in excess of 1000kg and are great for Stone, Tiles, Slates and building materials that require pallet network deliveries. These trucks are used by drivers making tail-lift deliveries safer and help with heavy loads for door step deliveries across the UK.



Twin Stacker with Higher Ground Clearance

An E-Twin stacker is here used by food manufacturer to unload delivery vehicles and tranport the pallets up an incline into the warehouse.

This initial lift pallet stacker has higher ground clearance than a standard stacker and can therefore be manoeuvred over bumps, small kerbs and ramps without the stacker grounding-out and getting stuck on uneven ground.

The stacker's support arms also act as a second lower set of forks, allowing 2 pallets to be moved at the same time.




The E-Truck electric pallet truck has small dimensions and is the perfect solution for the transport industry; for use on lorries and for tail lift work.

This powered pallet truck has 1500kg lift capacity and has a low service weight of 210kg.

The truck is fully powered (electric lift and propulsion) and can be supplied with an optional unit, which allows for charging on the vehicle.



Logitrans Rotator

A Logitrans Rotator is used in mail sorting application. The Rotator is modified with a customised side tilting plate, in order to lift, turn and empty parcel cages.

The Rotator is available in both semi electric and a fully powered (lift and propulsion) versions.



Logitrans Stacker With Platform

A Logitrans powered stacker with platform attachment is used for transport and lifting goods onto a passenger train. The platform has a lift capacity of 1000kgs.

Logitrans stackers are available in manual, electric and fully powered versions. The platform attachment can be removed and replaced with other attachments (eg forks), so the stacker can multi-task.



Logitrans SELF1001 Powered Stacker

A Logitrans SELF1001 fully powered stacker is used for loading and unloading lorries. The stacker is able to transport and lift open pallets (without bottom boards).

Powered pedestrian walk behind stackers are ideal for use in confined warehouses and loading areas, where traditional forklift trucks pose a safety risk.

The Logitrans model is available with lift capacities of 1 and 1.2 tonnes and lift heights up to 3 metres.

We supply high quality electric pallet trucks and offer semi-electric and fully powered pallet trucks in a variety of lift capacities. Some models are light enough to be used on lorries and vehicle tail lifts. Our heavy duty powered trucks can be supplied with easy remove batteries, for double shift warehouse applications where battery rotation is required.

If you are looking to upgrade your manual hand pallet truck to a fully electric model, to reduce operator strain and improve efficiency, our range of electric pallet trucks offers a great choice. The E-Truck and Mini-Mover are strong, compact and ideal for tail lifts, lorries and warehouse environments. The Walkie electric pallet truck is a robust design for heavier applications.