Pallet Trucks, Highlifters & Stacker Trucks, Printing Handling Equipment

Printing and packaging industry - Companies within the printing and packaging industry are more and more aware of giving their employees good and correct working conditions.

The Logitrans range of ergonomic products are able to help customers fulfil these requirements and provide a safer workplace. The Logitrans product range and design, focuses on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user and ensures a high quality through an extended test programme in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.



Logitrans Reel Lifter

This compact Reel Lifter is perfect for production, printing and packaging industry applications where reels are loaded onto machinery. Handles max 500kg reels up to 1200mm diameter and up to 520mm wide.

The Reel Lifter can be customised to accommodate reels of other sizes. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your particular application.



Logitrans Electric Scissor Lift

Logitrans electric Highlifters are used in a packing area. Pallets are lifted to a correct working height, allowing the operator to load and pack the pallets, without the need for bending and stretching.

The Highlifter helps prevent operator back and other repetitive strain injuries. This Logitrans model is available with optional level control, which automatically adjusts the pallet to optimum working height, as it is loaded or unloaded.



Logitrans LF Mini Manual Stacker With Boom / Spear

A Logitrans LF Mini manual stacker is fitted with a boom spear, for lifting and transporting reels.

The boom lifts reels via the core. An alternative Reel Turner is available for reels which also need to be turned.



Logitrans LF Mini with Reel Forks

The Logitrans LF Mini with Reel Forks is used in the Printing Industry for lifting reels of paper. The truck has very small dimensions and easy to use in the workplace.

The Logitrans range includes electric pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks, work positioners and stacker trucks which are perfect for the printing industry.

Pallet stackers are compact, manoeuvrable and are available in many different sizes and options. Pallet stacker trucks can be used as an alternative to forklift trucks and provide a safer work area. These trucks have small dimensions for confined areas and a compact mast, which gives the operator excellent visibility.