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Retail Industry

Low noise pallet trucks for shops, showrooms & early morning deliveries, lifters for narrow aisles & outdoor use

Mini Mover Electric Pallet Truck

A Mini Mover electric pallet truck is used to transport heavy beverage and keg pallets around a large stadium. The Mini Mover has a large 1800kg capacity and can cope with ramps, slopes and uneven floors. But it is also small and light enough to be used in lifts and in other confined spaces.

Panther Silent Hand Pallet Truck

A Panther Silent hand pallet truck is used at an open air market, to move heavy items to and from a display stand. The Panther Silent has specially designed low friction wheels and can be used on uneven, gravel and stony surfaces. Unlike a standard pallet truck (which is difficult to pull and can ground out and get stuck), the Panther Silent can be moved on rough ground with relative ease.

LogiQ Quarter Pallet Truck

A Logitrans LogiQ is used to lift and transport quarter pallets. This DLQ 200 model is able to lift two quarter pallets at a time. The LogiQ 300 and DLQ 200 are designed to pick up quarter pallets from a Euro pallet and transport them from stores to display areas in shops, showrooms, petrol stations etc.

E-Truck Terrain Electric Pallet Truck

An E-Truck Terrain powered pallet truck is used in a car dealership parts department. The parts dept is located on a narrow street, with limited access for delivery vehicles, who unload some distance from the entrance. The road surface is uneven and in poor condition. Before purchasing their Terrain, employees used a hand pallet truck to pick up the pallets, pull them across the street and up an incline to the entrance. Now the Terrain does the hard work! With an inch of extra raised fork height, the Terrain is able to handle uneven surfaces and gradients, where a standard electric pallet truck would ground out and get stuck.

ES15 Powered Stacker Truck

A ES15 powered stacker truck is used in a tile store. The store chose this model for the large 1500kg capacity and compact size: it unloads heavy pallets of tiles from delivery vehicles, but is small enough to fit through doorways and be manoeuvred along narrow aisles.

Logitrans Panther Silent

A Panther Silent low noise hand pallet truck is used in a supermarket. Specially designed for customer areas such as shops and showrooms, it has non-marking wheels that are gentle on expensive floor coverings. The soft compound wheels are virtually noiseless, which also makes the Panther Silent ideal for early morning deliveries in transport & distribution industries.

Ceramic Pot Handler

A Logitrans Reel Rotator is modified for use in a large garden centre, to lift and turn heavy ceramic pots. The Rotator is used to lift the pots from pallets and transport them to the display area. The Handler has 180 degree rotation each way, enabling the pots to be tilted and turned, when filling and emptying them.

Logitrans Panther Hand Pallet Truck

A Logitrans Panther hand pallet truck is used in a garden centre for lifting and transporting goods. The Panther has small dimensions and a large turning angle, so is ideal for confined areas such as shop floors, showrooms and small warehouses.