Stainless Steel Stackers & Pallet Trucks, Pharmaceutical Handling Equipment

Pharmaceutical industry - The pharmaceutical industry has high requirements regarding hygienic environments. The Logitrans stainless product range is made of acid-resistant steel, which is the strongest and most corrosion resistant material to different acids and salts. Furthermore, the material is very resistant to scratches. This ensures a high resistance and a long operating life in aggressive environments which makes them perfect for the pharmaceutical industry.



Logitrans Stainless Steel IBC Lifter

A stainless steel stacker with straddle legs is used in a pharmaceutical application for lifting and moving IBCs.

Stainless steel pallet stackers are available with manual or electric lift. An explosion-proof version is also available for explosive environments classed as ATEX zones 1 & 2.



Logitrans Rotator

A Logitrans Rotator is used in a pharmaceutical site for lifting and emptying crates of product.

Rotators can be used for turning Pallets, Boxes, Crates and Dolavs 180 degrees each way, for emptying and filling.

The Rotator has the option of a wireless remote control for lifting and tilting functions. It is available with electric lift and turn, or in a fully powered version with electric propulsion.

A stainless steel crate turner is also available for high hygiene pharma and food production environments.



GLRF Semi Stainless Hand Pallet Truck

A Logitrans semi-stainless steel hand pallet truck is used in a pharmaceutical application to move palletised buckets of product.

The GLRF Semi is perfect for use in food and pharma applications. The fork chassis is manufactured from AISI 316L grade stainless steel. A 100% stainless steel version is also available for production areas with severe hygiene demands.

An explosion proof version is also available for explosive environments classed as Zone 1.



Logitrans HLRF Plus High Lifter

A Logitrans stainless steel scissor lift is used in the production of pharmaceuticals. The High Lifter raises pallets to an ergonomically correct working height, to assist the operator with packing.

Highlifters prevent strains and injuries associated with repeated bending and stretching.

An explosion-proof version is also available for explosive environments classed as Zone 1.

The Logitrans range includes stainless steel pallet stackers and manual stacker trucks for explosive atmospheres (explosion proof).
Dangerous explosive atmosphere - the explosion proof stackers are developed for areas, in which an explosive atmosphere is generated occasionally due to different gases or dust.

The Logitrans product range and design, focuses on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user and ensures a high quality through an extended test programme in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.